My Coaching Style

When you work with Caleb Christensen Golf Academy, your goals take charge. We work with players of all ages and all abilities who all have their own unique goals and expectations. By establishing relationships with our clients, we are able to cater to your own unique needs.

When working with CCG, you'll quickly notice some qualities that are consistent in all of our coaching and the aspects that we value the most. 

1) Our focus on the Short Game

Scoring is largely done inside of 100 yards and on/around the greens. While amateurs love to practice their full swing, understanding that improving the short game will lead to lower scores is a key focus. Also, understanding shot probabilities and developing feels and different ways to hit shots add to creativity and versatility around the greens.

2) Our focus on Pattern and Strike

Golfers who know their pattern and where their ball is going to go have a distinct advantage. By becoming more knowledgeable about your game, you can keep the ball in play more often and lower your scores. Secondly, being able to consistently strike the center of the face can eliminate the costliest mishits and improve distance control on all shots. 

3) Our focus on the Club Face as King

Being able to control your club face and have an understanding of your ball flight are my two most important qualities. Your ball flight pattern is largely influenced by your club face positions throughout your swing. By focusing on achieving repeatable club face positions that match your ball flight, you'll be able to predictably hit more accurate, more solid shots.

4) Our focus on Keeping Things Simple

When making any changes to your game, technical or otherwise, fully understanding those changes is the most important thing. In my experience, golfers who understand and trust their game the best are the ones who are the most successful. I've seen many golfers who play in a unique way, but are successful nonetheless because they know and trust their game.

5) Our focus on Competing and Testing Your Game

If you're a competitive golfer, then there is no better test to your game than to compete. Finding competition that forces you to 'level up' is something I heavily believe in and encourage.