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Coaching Philosophy

The Big Ideas Behind My Coaching


1) Every golfer is an athlete & golf is easier when it's athletic


2) The real golf fundamentals:

- Figure out impact: Hit the ball first

- Create enough ball speed to hit long clubs

- Have a predictable pattern and use it


2) Understanding is at the forefront of change. Understanding your game = lowering your scores


4) 90% of scoring happens within 90 yards


5) How you practice is more important than how much you practice


Let's make this seemingly

complicated game really simple.

Caleb's philosophy is simple; uncover the main causes of your inconsistencies and work to correct them while building an understanding of your game and how to play your best. You'll learn to build an awareness for the club face and build solid fundamentals based around skills that you can improve.

Golf is a game that should be athletic and based on motion, not static swing positions. Everyone is an athlete and when you learn to take advantage of what you do and create naturally, your game gets easier to manage. By connecting the golf swing to other athletic and natural motions, it's easier to understand how to achieve the results you want with your swing. Understanding is at the forefront of building for the long term.


Whether you're a beginner or a professional, the same fundamentals are vital to success on the golf course. Solid contact, creating speed, and figuring out your pattern are all it takes to have success tee to green. Spend time on and around the greens when you practice and your scores go down.

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