Online Coaching


Welcome to Remote Coaching from Caleb Christensen Golf Academy. Our platform, The Golf Project Online, provides you with the tools you need to improve from anywhere including an expansive video library, access to our coaches, and more.

What is The Golf Project Online?

TGP Online is our hub for remote coaching. With our Pro and Premium membership options, you can choose your method and get to work with our coaches today! By becoming a member, you can access our expansive library of tips, drill, and fixes plus can get 1 on 1 remote coaching directly from Caleb.



- Access to the Member Portal

- Access to the group within CoachNow app

- Expansive member-only video library

- Member-only chat features

- Ask coaches questions

- Constantly expanded and updated content

Premium Remote Coach

- Access to your professional coach

- A dedicated space within CoachNow app to:

   - Set goals and checkpoints to map your progress

   - Build a plan to improve your golf and/or fitness

   - Check in and communicate with coaches

   - Send unlimited swing analyses and get coaches' feedback   

- Access to Member Portal & everything included with Pro plans

With Premium Remote Coach, you get access to


How Do I Learn More & Sign Up?

Remote Coaching is a great option for a number of players. Some players will choose to use Remote Coaching to stay in touch between lessons. Other players will utilize Remote Coaching as their main source of coaching. Remote Coaching is super flexible and can fit a wide range of players and their needs.


Remote Coaching is a great option for players who:

- Want More Frequent and Consistent Coaching

- Want Coaching Between Lessons

- Have to Travel to Lessons

- Want Input on Scheduling, Workouts, and Elements other than Swing

- Want to Build a Long Term Plan for Their Game

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