About Caleb Christensen

I'm a true golfer in every sense. I play, watch, teach, and enjoy this great game that I am lucky to be around every day. One thing I want everyone I meet to know is that my passion for the game is unmatched, and that fuels everything that I do. Golf provides a great opportunity to not only teach golf swings, but teach lessons that are valuable in life as well. When you work with me at Caleb Christensen Golf, my number one goal is that we enjoy every minute of it. 

The way I teach is unique to each golfer and their ability, limitations, and goals. I'm ultimately focused on achieving a clubface position that is repeatable to provide consistent scores. By focusing on the clubface, I'm less focused on the cosmetics of your swing and more on the different matchups that are present throughout the swing. 

I am a PGA Associate working towards PGA of America Membership. I am also a certified coach by US Kids Golf and the Positive Coaching Alliance. I use the knowledge gained from these organizations to develop programs and plans that help all golfers achieve their goals. Just like these golfers, I also have coaching goals. Some of my coaching goals include providing pathways for junior golfers to reach new heights in their games and increase the enjoyment of the game for everyone. 

In addition to teaching, I also play 20-25 professional tournaments each year. I play all throughout the Midwest and occasionally down south during winter. I always appreciate support and I'm always looking for caddies if you're interested :)

I am excited to begin our golf journey together and I thank you for putting your trust in Caleb Christensen Golf Academy.

Truths That I Live By (and coach by):

1) Real Effort = Real Results

2) Everything is Figureoutable

(yes I recommend the book!)

3) If you want something, go get it. Nothing is out of your reach.


4) Rent is due everyday, pay the man.

Interested or want to learn more? Contact Caleb for more info.