Remote Coaching

Welcome to Remote Coaching from Caleb Christensen Golf Academy. You're about to get personalized golf instruction and access to your own professional coach straight on your phone or laptop. No matter what your goals are, this is your path to better golf. 

What is Remote Coaching?

Remote Coaching is real coaching from real coaches that doesn't require your to travel to the coach; the coach is available right on your phone. Remote Coaching allows for increased communication and flexibility between coach and player. With more frequent contact, both coaches and players are able to understand each other better and build a solid plan to improve long term. Remote Coaching is more than just recording your golf swing too.


Remote Coaching can include:

- Swing Analysis

- Fitness/Workout Plans

- Tournament Scheduling

- Video Check-In's via Facetime or Zoom

- Goal Setting and Tracking

- & More!

Remote Coaching can do a lot! It all depends on your individual goals and needs.

Who is Remote Coaching For?

Remote Coaching is a great option for a number of players. Some players will choose to use Remote Coaching to stay in touch between lessons. Other players will utilize Remote Coaching as their main source of coaching. Remote Coaching is super flexible and can fit a wide range of players and their needs. Remote Coaching is included in our Junior Academy Program, so take advantage if you already have access!


Remote Coaching is a great option for players who:

- Want More Frequent and Consistent Coaching

- Want Coaching Between Lessons

- Have to Travel to Lessons

- Want Input on Scheduling, Workouts, and Elements other than Swing

- Want to Build a Long Term Plan for Their Game

How Does Remote Coaching Work?

Remote Coaching from Caleb Christensen Golf is easy to set up and even easier to use. We use the Golf Coach App platform for all of our Remote Coaching. This app is super easy to use and provides all the tools we needs right in the app. Players can upload or record videos, upload images, share voice recordings, write notes, create goals, analyze videos, and more. Once you share or upload something, your coach gets a notification and can take a look as soon as they can. No need to wait until your next lesson; most exchanges happen in a few hours.

Create your own profile on Golf Coach App

Communicate with coaches, share swing videos, improve your game from anywhere 

Video analysis and feedback for any shot

Set goals, give feedback to coaches, and track your progress

How Do I Get Started?


Getting signed up and started is super easy and just takes a few steps:

1) Choose a Plan and Pay.

We offer a Monthly or Annual plan. Both plans offer the exact same coaching, just with different payment structures. You'll save 20% over 12 months by choosing the Annual ;)

2) Fill Out the Short Form Below.

We just need your name and email to get started!

3) Submit the Form and Download the App.

Once you fill out the form, hit the big button and you'll be taken to where you can download the app.

4) Enter CCG's Coach Code.

Once you've downloaded the app, register with the same email you used in the form and our Coach Code. Caleb Christensen Golf's Coach Code is ccg2020.

5) That's it; you're in!

Congrats you're now a member of the club! We'll reach out with an introduction and ask you to do the same. From this point on, we'll use Golf Coach App for all of our communication and coaching!

If you have any questions about Remote Coaching or the sign up process, please Contact Us!

Awesome! You've chosen your plan, now enter your details, hit the button below, download the app, enter the Coach Code, and you're in! Thank you for joining. We are grateful and excited to be a part of your golf journey!

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Interested or want to learn more? Contact Caleb for more info.