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Lessons & Coaching


When you work with Caleb Christensen Golf, you will take your game to the next level. Caleb's instruction methods focus on building an understanding of how to control your club face, and your ball flight as an extension, which means that every change made is made with a purpose. You will learn to understand your swing, your ball flight pattern, and your tendencies, which will allow you to manage your game and shoot lower scores by using what you do naturally to your advantage.

All lessons include a recap in the CoachNow app and personalized practice drills to take to your practice sessions.

Adult Coaching

Caleb Christensen Golf works with players of all ages and abilities. Whether you play on the weekend or you play on the PGA Tour, CCG can help you improve your game and have more fun on the golf course. CCG can also help get you back on the golf course after an injury or help you play around physical limitations. CCG has a variety of coaching options available with different packages and programs to suit everyone's needs and goals. Not sure what you're looking for? Contact Caleb to set up an initial lesson and consultation and he can help recommend the best option for you!  

Coaching Programs

Why Coaching Programs vs Lessons?

  • Work towards a defined goal through accountability and your own effort

  • Practice where you play through playing lessons and getting on the golf course

  • Build a step by step plan to lower your scores by focusing on the most beneficial aspects for you

  • See real improvement by setting benchmarks and goals to track your progress


Par Coaching Program

6 Hours of Coaching

6-8 Week Program

$525 or

$400 PP with a friend

Learn More

Birdie Coaching Program

12 Hours of Coaching

12 Week Program

$750 or

$600 PP with a friend

Learn More

Single Lessons

50 minutes - $95 adults / $75 juniors

75 minutes *recommended* - $140 adults / $110 juniors

100 minutes - $185 adults / $145 juniors

9-hole Playing Lesson (Members) - $200 adults / $150 juniors

9-hole Playing Lesson (Guests) - $225 adults / $175 juniors

Lesson Packages

3 50-minute Lessons - $275 adults / $225 juniors

5 50-minute Lessons - $400 adults / $250 juniors

Group Lessons

2 Golfers - 75-minutes - $120 | $60 per person

2 Golfers - 100-minutes - $160 | $80 per person

3 Golfers - 75-minutes - $150 | $50 per person

3 Golfers - 100-minutes - $210 | $70 per person

4 Golfers - 75-minutes - $160 | $40 per person

4 Golfers - 100-minutes - $240 | $60 per person

Golf Schools

*cost listed is total cost and can be divided among each student*

1 Day Golf School - $1,000 | $250 per person

9am to 3pm | 4 Golfers | Includes 5 Hours of Instruction, Lunch and 9 hole Playing Lesson

2 Day Golf School - $1,800 | $450 per person

9am to 3pm each day | 4 Golfers | Includes 10 Hours of Instruction, Lunch and 18 hole Playing Lesson

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